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Research Projects*

* Titles are changed in order not to jeopardize the blind peer review process


"Revenue Generation through Influencer Marketing" (click here)

with Maximilian Beichert, Jacob Goldenberg and Andreas Lanz

Status: Forthcoming at Journal of Marketing

  • Best Paper Award (Graduate School of Economic and Social Sciences)

  • Best Student Paper Award (WISE Conference 2022)


"Day-of-the week effects in online reviews"

with Verena Schoenmueller, Jacob Goldenberg and Florian Stahl

Status: Under second-round review at Journal of Marketing Research

  • Stiftung Marketing Award (University of Mannheim)

"About the gender of online reviewers"

with Yaniv Dover, Hila Riemer and Danny Shapira

Status: Invited for revision at Nature Human Behavior

"Online employer reviews, wage and a company's employer brand"

with Jacob Goldenberg, Danny Shapira and Florian Stahl

Status: Rejected at Management Science


"Self-Selection in Online Reviews as it Unfolds"

with Ann-Kathrin Polenz, Yaniv Dover and Florian Kraus

"Online Opinions by minorities/majorities - Whose opinions are appreciated online?"

with Ann-Kathrin Polenz, Asael Sklar and Florian Kraus

"Unethical firm behavior and online employer reviews"

with Andreas Hamann and Lars Gemmer

"Contented Cows give more milk? Innovation and employee satisfaction"

with Lennart Reissner and Arnd Vomberg

"Career paths"

with Lev Muchnik and Inbar Kinarty

Freelance Consulting Projects

  • Development of an employer branding strategy for a pharmaceutical company

  • Digital Customer Experience project for a German mobile network operator

  • Customer satisfaction survey at a German bank chain

  • Development of a co-branding strategy for a German consultancy

  • Expansion Strategy for a rim manufacturer

  • Judicial expertise for a legal proceeding of a beauty brand

  • Judicial expertise for a multinational technology company

Other Projects


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